Sharon West - Artist
Skilled and Passionate Artist
My drawings will make your home beautiful.
My art will be at Fine art America . I will slowly put some of this art on that site. Go to the site and  there you will see all the things my art is placed on. There are curtains, covers, and pillows. We even have prints you can hang on your wall!

My Art Will MakeYour Home So Different

My art will be in many stores. They will be in  exclusive stores for exclusive buyers. Do you want something new for your childrens room, look no further! If you want art that will fit with any decor, look no further! Pillows , shower curtains, or covers for his/her bedroom, look no further! You want art for anywhere in your house look no further!
Go to 
The art you see here is not all on the site yet, but if you like something, go to and say the piece you like and it will be downloaded to Fine Art America just for you!
Original Art = Blossom
This art, is a piece for any little rough and tumble girl. If you are looking for an art piece that will fit your daughter, as the rough and tumble, gentle hearted girl, she is, then this is for her room. Email me and say you want this piece. It will be downloaded in FAA's site, in any color or shade, and on any pillow, cover, or showercurtain you want !
Original Art=Two brothers Reading
I can even change the drawing to a clear digital work, in photoshop. Just like I did on this one. This drawing can even be for your two boys who share their room. This is why my work is so unusual for any home.

Original Artwork

                         Go to Bed
You should consider my art , they are pieces that will never go out of style:
  • I have had 60 years of artistic experience
  • I am a graphite artist because I love how you can control your pencils from 4h to 8b
  • Although I have a BA in Advertising Management I have been drawing since I was 2,  winning scholarships and awards.
  • You can find the rest of my art at
  • You will also be able to read my story at Fine Art America
  • You will also be able to make my pieces into greeting cards you can customize.
  • You can make T-shirts with my pictures and your #. They can be new and  eye catching for any event you may have.
                                                     Peek A Boo

This is another piece that will be a show stopper. People will notice your art anywhere you decide to put it , in your childs room, in a spare room, or in that place right near your dresser . 

My work  brings  a smile to your face, or a warm place in your heart!