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About Sharon West
I am a graphite artist. I have lots of pictures of my work, but most of them, because I am not a photographer, has those horrible white glares on them. I have put two pieces of my art on here for others to see. Today I may be uploading again.

I started in art at 2, drawing from a TV artist. I drew a duck. Then at 10 I had my first showing at the Famous Bar Department Store Gallery, in St. Louis Mo. I the received a scholarship to Kansas City Mo University at the age of 12. I went away from Fine Art at 15 to go to O' Fallon Tech. for Graphic Design for 4 years. I then got married and did freelance Graphic Design for 12 years.

Then something happened at the age of thirty:

I had a spiritual experience that brought me back to Fine Art. I was born again.

However, doing fine art was not something I did on purpose, it just happened to me.

Later, I started my own graphic Design company but people began to ask me to draw them pictures on the side and they paid me. I didn't think about what was happening to me until I decided to go to Cal. State San Bernardino University to get my BA in Advertising Management. I had another spiritual experience, and I decided to show my work again. I had accumulated 54 drawings that I did just for me. On a whim I took 5 drawings to the Feldhylm Gallery, at the San Bernardino Library, and wanted to see if they would show them. They said yes. They also told me I would be showing with another graphite artist, but it would not be until next year. However, in that year he dropped out and I had a chance to show all 54 drawings. I sold 3 drawings and I began making prints of my drawings because 2 people wanted the same drawing. This started me on another journey of making series of prints.

After graduating and attending a masters program at Cal. Poly, I had some problems. In the mean time I wrote 8 books, seven books are on and one is on Publish America.

I had accumulated 84 drawings when I almost died from my Gaul bladder erupting. My son put my Art in storage and thought that I was keeping up with the storage. However, while I was very sick I lost all my originals in storage. However, I had taken very bad pictures of my art to catalog them, and, that is why the photographs are all I have left of them. So, as of 2011 I have started all over again and my new art work is not as good as my other ones but at 62 I am pleased to be alive.

In 2015 this year I started coming back to the land of the living by teaching art at the local community center. Then something great happened, I started my own Art Television show 5 months ago. I have taped 9 shows and it will be on the air in 2016. The show is called 'Journey In Art with Sharon'. As of now, this is as far as my journey has taken me, but I know I have other adventures to go.
Email me at If you want any of the art work to be downloaded onto the Fine Art America site.

Here is a demonstration of the different colors you can have your Art work in!
Little Rascals
Black color
Little Rascals
Green color
 Little girl Reading 2
Black color
Little Girl Reading 2
Brown color